Different Types of Sidewalk Material and Construction Methods

The sidewalk replacement and repairing have been agitation and challenge of construction engineering ever since about one week or so after the method the sidewalk contractors use, and the method have increasingly advanced in lead and difficulty ever since.

Sidewalk Contractors Bronx

The sidewalk ways are made by applying grate and other collective materials to create a walk-able surface.

For the area most used by the pedestrian, a better choice could be a chip, tar, or bituminous for Bronx sidewalk replacement in NYC, where cooperative construction materials are mixed with sticky binders to hold them together better.

These sidewalk areas will need repeated repairing to keep the walking area useful but can be a good medium between a costly asphalt concrete sidewalk and an inadequate sidewalk for pedestrians.

There are lots of usual material types and construction methods. Some of them we are elaborating below:


It is a demanding and solid material used by sidewalk contractors in queens, NY that typically only used for sidewalks, roads and building walls.

Types of sidewalks construction and repairing using concrete material are:

  • JRCP
  • CRCP
  • JPCP

The unique features of these three joint systems used to prevent sidewalk area from cracks. Even though it is a quite costly material, but extensively stronger to lay and maintain sidewalks.


Sidewalk Contractors NYC

Since the early 1920s, asphalt sidewalk construction was the most popular type. This material gives a layer of thick gravel base on top.

ROI of this type of sidewalk construction includes low noise during pavement, comparatively low-cost material, and easy to handle for replacement and repairing.

The disadvantages of the use of asphalt material, it is not eco-friendly, less strong, and not long-lasting.


Related to a replacement, maintenance, and repairing with the blend of asphalt and concrete material.

Typically occupying in one of two methods, it is the blend of concrete and asphalt materials. For forming a new sidewalk, asphalt material used to place over a damaged surface and pavement of sidewalk cracks.


With other temporary sidewalk construction, the bituminous method is appropriate for very low pedestrian tracks. Bituminous has three options of sidewalk surfacing:

  • Chip sealing
  • Otta sealing
  • Thin membrane surfacing

For sealing coats or conclude than as full sidewalk surfaces, these methods are more generally used.


Replacement or repairing of damaged and distressed sidewalk has three types of construction methods:

  • Full depth replacement
  • Hot or cold prepared road recycling
  • Rubberizing

All the types of traditional sidewalk construction methods deliver more results in terms of performance, consistency, and most effectively the cost and materials use today. Melange Restoration Inc. follows the best possible methods and presents services as the reliable sidewalk contractors NYC. Subscribe our blog and follow our social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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